Three Rivers Community College

Social Sciences Department

Fall 2004

Psychology K240: Social Psychology

Instructor: Stephen Weiss, Ph.D.

Office: Room 4 or look for me in the cafeteria

Office Phone #: 860-892-5735

Office Hours: MW 11:30AM-12:30PM; TUTH 10:00-11:00AM; F 8AM-9AM and by appt.


Class Room: 110 (Mohegan Campus)

Class Schedule: Friday 9:00AM-11:45AM



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Classes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Course Description: This course presents an in-depth and extensive psychological study of social behavior.  The major thrust of this course will focus upon attitude formation, language and communication, group interaction, leadership roles, and cultural forces.  These factors will be examined as they affect individuals in contemporary society.

Course Objectives: At the completion of this course, students should have accomplished the following major objectives:

·         By investigating the discipline of social psychology you should gain new insights from both the academic and practical perspective

·         Gain an understanding of the major theories and concepts presented from a variety of theoretical perspectives

·         Formulate a clear understanding of how situational aspects can influence behaviors

·        Improve analytical thinking and research skills

Required Text:  Social Psychology by Brehm, Kassin, & Fein (6th edition)


Grading Criteria:


Class Participation/Attendance


3 Exams


Experiment: Research paper








Exams: All exams will be part multiple choice, true/false and essay style format.  There will be no make-ups for the exams (unless, of course there is some emergency and I am informed immediately).

Experiment: See handout.

Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism: If I believe that you have copied from another student or other source, you will receive a grade of '0' on that assignment or exam. If a second offense is committed, you will again be given a '0', probably causing you to fail the course.

Reading Assignments:  The majority of the reading will come form the textbook.  Additional readings will be assigned well in advance of the exams.











































Schedule of Classes


Date                                                        Tentative Topics                                                                Readings

Aug. 27                                                  Introduction         

Research/Ethical Issues                                                                                                      The Person and the Situation                                                Chapters 1-2


Sept. 3                                                    The Social Self/Presenting the Self                                   Chapter 3


Sep. 10                                                   Perceiving Others                /Social Perception                                Chapter 4


Sep. 17                                                   Sterotypes, Prejudice, etc.                                                  Chapter 5


Sept. 24                                                  System Professional Day/No Class – enjoy!


Oct. 1                                                      TEST 1

                                                                Video on Conformity                                                           Chapter 7


Oct. 8                                                      Conformity                                                                            Chapter 7


Oct. 15                                                    Group Processes                                                                  Chapter 8


Oct. 22                                                    Attitudes                                                                               Chapter 6


Oct. 29                                                    Aggression                                                                           Chapter 11


Nov.5                                                     TEST 2

                                                                Video: Silent Witnesses                                                      Chapter 10


Nov. 12                                                  Helping Others/Prosocial Behavior                                  Chapter 10


Nov. 19                                                  Attraction/Close Relationships                                         Chapter 9                                                                               PAPERS DUE TODAY!    


Nov. 26                                                   Thanksgiving Break – No Class – Enjoy!


Dec.3                                                      EXPERIMENTS


Dec.10                                                    Law                                                                                         Chapter 12

                                                                Business                                                                                                Chapter 13                                                                            

Dec. 17                                                   TEST 3